Total Reward

Compensation is important. With this you pay your bills and plan for your leisure. Total reward is more. This is the total package of what you need from your employer to be able to live the life as you want it. In Lilly we  tailor this package around 4 topics.


You will receive a competitive level of base pay and you participate in our programs for variable pay. We have a pay for performance culture and achievement of superior  business results will be reflected  in your base pay over time.


Together with your compensation you will receive an attractive package of benefits. Here you will find important parts such as health and well fare. Benefits that will help you stay well and if needed will help you in times of illness. We help you during different stages of life where support during parental leave is one and ensure savings for retirement is another.

Learning and Development

Our goal is to help you to manage your own career and you will grow from day 1 in a challenging job. Development opportunities extend far beyond classroom training. You are encouraged to learn experientially through coaching, mentorship and self study. Your Development Plan will help you identify and achieve the short term development needs of your role as well as to plan long term and for future roles in Lilly.

Work Environment

We aim to create an environment that people enjoy being a part of. A place where our values comes to life each day and where we like to spend time. We recognize each other, not only by formal programs, but even more important through all informal discussions between colleagues. Our communication is open and respectful which build a high level of trust and involvement, We believe we get the best from our people by offering challenging work where everyone takes the ownership for getting the job done. You will stay close to your supervisor and colleagues but if you look for micromanagement Lilly is not a place for you.