Student Program

In our Student Program we provide a range of business and Medical roles which will complement your academic studies. Our placements are designed to give you real responsibility in a professional environment. With relevant training, helpful feedback and a strong network supporting you you’ll be making a difference in a constantly evolving industry. You will get hands-on knowledge of Lilly and the pharmaceutical industry and allow you to:

Expand your skillset

Work on challenging projects that add value to the business
Meet with senior management to gain valuable coaching and career advice
Experience a value-based culture where leadership development is a priority
Enjoy social and team-building activities

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive salary
  • Holiday pay follow local regulation
  • Computer for work
  • Included in pension policy
  • Included in health insurance policy


  • 1-2 years from Master degree
  • Strong study results

Applications to Student Program

Recruitments to our Student Program are driven by business needs and will not have a standardized timeframe. Openings will be posted on this site so save it as a favorite if you are interested.